Welcome to the Pdinventive blog

Morning, just a quick post from me to get the ball rolling on my website blog.
Firstly I hope you like the new website, it has been planned for a while and you know what it is like, sometimes you spend so much time on other things around you that your own house can become a little neglected.

Secondly, yes it is true, after years of talking to clients, advising them and suggesting many possible ideas to enhance their business online, I thought it was about time I practised what I preached ;-) Hence a little blogging is in order..

So here we are the first initial post on my!!
Now don't worry, I am not intending to flood cyberspace with my thoughts, or just another 'How to Digital Blog', just a few ramblings on what I have done for clients, a few ideas/suggestions for you, plus my take on some specific topics, both digital and non digital related.

Take a look around the website and please contact me if you think I can help you on your digital journey.