Casestudy Glyn Meredith Golf New Website and SEO

My first post on the blog about one of my clients, will be about Glyn Meredith (see more) and his website.

Glyn came to me about not only a brand new Website but also to help him to obtain some good SEO rankings for his Golf teaching. He currently is based in Dubai (at the time of this post) and wanted the phrase 'Dubai Golf Lessons' as high as he possibly could.

As I tell all clients, creating keywords or phrases at the start of a project, you have to be realistic. It all depends on what service your providing, the name, the names of the service etc etc.
So for Glyn and Dubai Golf Lessons, it would be an interesting proposition to see the outcome, especially as there are some established and existing listings already there including the Golf Courses here which are always popular.

After we finished the website and waited for a week or two, it was a pleasing result for us both.

With just his initial content added to a new Website, Glyn's listing has appeared in the magical first page of  Google for 'Dubai Golf Lessons' and once he starts adding content, may improve further.

Out of 346,000 listings, Glyn is 9th - Checked, March 23rd 2014


Social Health check up

Is your business using the internet and Social Media in a constructive way to boost your chances of making a bigger success online? I offer a simple service called a 'Social Health check up' where I examine your online business portfolio which includes your Website and Social Media and I will send you a recommendation report with some ideas on moving you forward.

IMPORTANT: There is a fee on this, which is payable before commencement

Hope you enjoy the website

Lets create..


Welcome to the Pdinventive blog

Morning, just a quick post from me to get the ball rolling on my website blog.
Firstly I hope you like the new website, it has been planned for a while and you know what it is like, sometimes you spend so much time on other things around you that your own house can become a little neglected.

Secondly, yes it is true, after years of talking to clients, advising them and suggesting many possible ideas to enhance their business online, I thought it was about time I practised what I preached ;-) Hence a little blogging is in order..

So here we are the first initial post on my!!
Now don't worry, I am not intending to flood cyberspace with my thoughts, or just another 'How to Digital Blog', just a few ramblings on what I have done for clients, a few ideas/suggestions for you, plus my take on some specific topics, both digital and non digital related.

Take a look around the website and please contact me if you think I can help you on your digital journey.



Pdinventive Freelance Digital Consultant Dubai

As you may have already seen, my name is Paul, I am originally from the UK and currently I am a freelance Digital Consultant based in the CNN building, Media City, Dubai.

Many people are still not using the internet and Social Media in a constructive way to boost their chances of making a bigger success online. With the rise of Mobile and Pad, Social Media and Web standards, what are you doing to improve your brand or business?

Some of the ways I can help you and your online business, include:
Social Media Consultancy / Creative / Account Management.
Live Event Social media account management (Sports/Activities)
Social Health check.
Responsive Web Design and Development using Open source systems (Joomla/Wordpress).
Digital Marketing and strategy.

Currently available for individual projects, short term contracts and as a consultant in the services above. If you want to talk about any potential collaborations in the digital sphere please contact me or give me a call, you do not have to just be in Dubai, it is Digital.

Hope you enjoy the website

Lets create..

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