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Chi Nail Spa are dedicated to your health, wellness and relaxation. Their skilled and professional staff will create an environment in which to renew, refresh the mind, body and spirit with exceptional customer care. Since 2011, they have been committed to providing the most innovative and latest treatments to all Dubai customers at the highest level. Their Spa services include nail care, massage therapy, and advanced skin care using safe, high-quality beauty products..

We created a clean, responsive and professional new look for their new brand, achieving number one on google for many search related terms after 2 weeks of launch. We also improved the digital marketing newsletter strategy into a modern template format complete with monitoring tools.

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Social Health check up

Is your business using the internet and Social Media in a constructive way to boost your chances of making a bigger success online? I offer a simple service called a 'Social Health check up' where I examine your online business portfolio which includes your Website and Social Media and I will send you a recommendation report with some ideas on moving you forward.

IMPORTANT: There is a fee on this, which is payable before commencement

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Lets Discover Dubai Website

Lets Discover are a Dubai based company providing hands-on, inquiry-based and educational Science experiences for children in Dubai schools. Their wide range of in-class workshops fit within any school’s science program, whether they are following IB, British or American Curriculum.

Lets Discover will come direct to any Dubai school and transform every class into a Science Laboratory providing all materials and supplies needed for an exciting experience that children will remember for a lifetime

We created a fun, clean and colourful Science look for their new website and brand.

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