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Glyn Meredith Golf Google SEO Glyn Meredith Golf Google SEO

My first post on the blog about one of my clients, will be about Glyn Meredith (see more) and his website.

Glyn came to me about not only a brand new Website but also to help him to obtain some good SEO rankings for his Golf teaching. He currently is based in Dubai (at the time of this post) and wanted the phrase 'Dubai Golf Lessons' as high as he possibly could.

As I tell all clients, creating keywords or phrases at the start of a project, you have to be realistic. It all depends on what service your providing, the name, the names of the service etc etc.
So for Glyn and Dubai Golf Lessons, it would be an interesting proposition to see the outcome, especially as there are some established and existing listings already there including the Golf Courses here which are always popular.

After we finished the website and waited for a week or two, it was a pleasing result for us both.

With just his initial content added to a new Website, Glyn's listing has appeared in the magical first page of  Google for 'Dubai Golf Lessons' and once he starts adding content, may improve further.

Out of 346,000 listings, Glyn is 9th - Checked, March 23rd 2014

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